How to Use Aromatherapy Inhalers

There are many different ways to use essential oils.

Essential oils can be used topically. That is, essential oils or essential oil blends can be applied directly to the skin. In most instances, the oils and blends will need to be diluted with a carrier oils. Common topical applications includes using peppermint on the crown or your head, behind the ears and temples to help alleviate the symptoms of a headache; applying lavender or cedar wood to help rejuvenate sore and tired muscles; or using tea tree essential oil to clear blemishes; as only a few examples. 

Essential oils can also be used internally. That is, essential oils or essential oils blends can be ingested. There are conflicting views regarding the safety of this method. But many of the leading voices in aromatherapy have endorsed this ingestion. Not only for their purported health benefits but also for their culinary uses. 

This post will focus on the aromatic use of essential oils. That is, essential oils or essential oil blends can also be inhaled. There are a number of methods of inhalation: using an essential oil diffuser; or simply placing a few drops in your palms, cupping your hands and breathing in deeply. It's as simple as that. 

A particularly convenient and effective method of inhaling essential oils or essential oil blends is by using an aromatherapy inhaler by Volare. The aromatherapy inhaler has four parts: (1) the main body, (2) the cap, (3) the base screw and (4) the cotton wick. The design of our aromatherapy inhalers is similar to the plastic essential oil inhalers that are available for purchase on, so the instructions here apply equally to those essential oil inhalers. 

Aluminum Aromatherapy Inhaler

First, apply 5 - 10 drops of essential oil or an essential oil blend of your choice directly to the cotton wick. Allow a few minutes for the oils to be absorbed into the wick. We carry a line of organic cotton wicks that have been immersed in essential oil blends and packaged to conveniently and quickly be inserted in our aromatherapy inhalers. 


Second, unscrew the base screw of the aromatherapy inhaler, insert the pre-scented cotton wick into the main body and tightly screw the base screw back into the main body.

The aromatherapy inhalers is now ready to go. You can conveniently carry the inhaler with you anywhere you go in a pocket or purse. It can even go in your carry-on luggage for use on long haul flights. 

Whenever and wherever you want to reap the immense therapeutic and healing benefits of your essential oils or essential oil blends, simply unscrew the cap of the aromatherapy inhaler. Place the tip of the main body of the inhaler just underneath one of your nostrils and slowly inhale counting to five. Hold this breath for five seconds and slowly release to another count of five. Repeat this process for your other nostril. You may want to use your finger to close one nostril at a time. It is particularly helpful to have an intention in mind that aligns with the properties of the essential oil or the essential oil blend and the issue your are seeking to alleviate; for example, if your are feeling anxious, before inhaling our Tranquillum blend of essential oils, set an intention to invite calm and peace into your being. 

Once complete, securely replace the cap to ensure the potency of the essential oils are preserved. Each wick lasts for at least 3 months. 

If you suffer from allergies or congestion you may need to use an aromatherapy inhaler with essential oils such as eucalyptus and peppermint to allow your nasal passage to open before using inhaling other essential oils blends.  

Volare aromatherapy inhalers are designed with both convenience and style in mind allowing you to access the immense therapeutic and healing benefits of essential oils whenever and wherever you need them. 


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  • Aromatherapist and sexologist Elena Pellicano shares her 20 years of experience understanding how essential oils, and which oils, can be used to solve a variety of issues that often interrupt relationships. She will go over the main causes that tend to hamper our loving relationships, such as lack of patience, faced paced life style, fatigue and selfishness and then prescribe specific essential oils and blends that can help couples overcome those stresses. Elena goes quite in depth, even distinguishing how one variety of rose is more suitable for a man, while another species of rose is more suitable for a woman.

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